Some Growing Opportunities In Rapid Solutions Of Nurses Care For Problems With Diabetes


Journal photo by Danyel VanReenen
Andrew Shiley, Kimmie Shipley, Terri Rodgers and Jessica Wiles, nurses at WV University Healthcare Berkeley Medical Center, work hard Monday after a busy holiday weekend. Shipley said the hospital staff stayed busy during the holiday. Shipley said Monday was a busy day as well. We see an influx of patients after holidays most years, Shipley said. Today were seeing a lot of patients with respiratory issues. Despite the hard work, nurses, doctors and staff were in a light-hearted mood Monday. Shipley said Enjoyed reading this keeping a positive attitude is an integral aspect of working in a hospital. pop over to this websiteRemembering why we do what we do is important, Shipley said. If we save one life, thats its own reward. It makes everything worth it especially if its on Christmas Day. People Thank You get sick regardless of what time of year it is, Dr. Shahin Rahimian said. Its really rewarding to be here to help them out and take care of them. Shipley said nursing units try to make the holidays special for both patients and themselves. For Thanksgiving, the hospital provides a meal for employees and their families.

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“It has the ability to pop over to this site read the cells of any object. It’s going to be able to tell you carbs, fat and protein in your food,” said Bonnasse. Scan a bar code or the food itself to build your meal or let you know what you’re plate is offering. “The products that are coming out now are, actually, amazing and this is one of them,” said dietitian Remy Heustis, of Providence St. Joseph Medical Center. Bonnasse showed Heustis how it works. Heustis sees the need for such innovations for diabetics and weight issues. “As a dietitian, it’s one of my biggest Thanking You concerns with my patients is you need to know how much. I can definitely see it being positive for, again, somebody who needs to count certain macronutrients,” Heustis said. It doesn’t, however, read micronutrients.

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